Board Appointments is a leading International Non Executive Director advertising & board career development firm.

We provide 2 major services for our members –

  1. We maintain one of the largest board vacancies databases and source the most diverse board vacancies for our members
  2. We equip members with the resources and skill to gain board appointments, including board CV’s,  application writing and the Board Ready Course.

So, if you: are frustrated with your past board search experiences; can’t find relevant opportunities; have stalled portfolio career; can’t get to or past an interview; Board Appointments can help.

People use our services because what we do has been proven to work. As a result, we can evidence having assisted hundreds of members further their board careers through the intimate knowledge we have gained through over a decade of putting people on boards.

Our Mission: Board Appointments was created in the belief that whether you are an individual looking to build a portfolio career or an aspiring board director, finding a non-executive board vacancy should not be difficult.  Register to receive our weekly list of new board vacancies (and a free E-Book) or become a Member today.

Our Vision: To be the preeminent provider of NED vacancies and board career services in the UK. We strive to provide an ethical, practical and personal service that results in our members achieving their board & career aspirations.

Finding board vacancies can be a challenging and time consuming process that historically relied upon your personal networks, searching through newspapers and monitoring online job boards or waiting to be ‘tapped on the shoulder’ by a recruiter. Not any more. Board Appointments helps put people on boards by providing access to a diverse list of board roles and equipping individuals in developing a board career through practical services and exclusive networking groups.

NED Profile – over 800 organisations each year visit Board Appointments looking for new board members for their organisations. Our profiling service offers you the opportunity to market yourself to them – as part of their recruitment process.

ACCESS – access to over 1000+ board vacancies each year, we offer the largest and most diverse board vacancies in the UK. There are opportunities in all industries across the Public, Private, NFP sectors. We do all the hard work for you in finding a board role that is right for you. Members can also advertise their NED Profile on our exclusive database.

ACCESS(+) – access to our 1000+ board vacancies each year and advertise your NED Profile. Members also get the best start with a Board CV & LinkedIn Profile written by NED Recruitment specialist – David Schwarz.

EXECUTIVE – all the advice and resources needed to transition from an executive to a board career. Members get all the benefits of the Access + package, plus an extensive online tuition.

Board Career Services – Bespoke services such as Board CVs and application writing.