Privacy Policy

Board Appointments collects your personal information in order to provide you with products and services requested by you, and for secondary purposes related to that purpose.

As a subscriber, you acknowledge that we may contact you during the term of your subscription in connection with your subscription and/or with other offers or information that might be of interest to you. Beyond your subscription term, you also agree to receive communications relating to your lapsed or cancelled subscription and other Board Appointments products and services unless and until you notify us otherwise. If you do not wish to receive such communications, you can notify Board Appointments by email at

Collection and use of personal information

We collect personal information from members and non-members directly (including sensitive information with your consent) to enable us to manage membership, conduct education courses and provide products and services for the benefit of members and non-members.

We also collect information indirectly about prospective members through word of mouth referral, publicly available sources.

We use information we have collected about members and non-members, including through our website and social media to assess and meet the needs and interests of members.

Disclosure (sharing) of personal information

We don’t disclose information about you unless you agree or would expect us to.

We disclose limited information about event and course participation to sponsors and potential sponsors under strict conditions.

Some of our contracted service providers are located in other countries. We take reasonable steps to ensure that the host does not breach the APPs.

Access and choices

You have a right to ask for access to the personal information we hold about you and ask us to correct any wrong information.

You can opt-out of receiving marketing communications from us by unsubscribing to our emails.