Congratulations to some of our Members and Subscribers who recently gained Board Appointments. We wish them all the best with these and subsequent board appointments.

Board Appointment Successes

Mark WIlliams: Independent Non Executive Director, Seeen Plc

Appointed due to: Gresham House Ventures is a major investor in Seeen plc. I have worked with Gresham over a number of years doing commercial due diligence work for them to inform potential investment/s. They recommended me to the Seeen Board as someone who could support the CEO and team taking an innovative and ground breaking AI video platform to market.

Susan Putters: Non Executive Director, Care is Central Limited

Appointed due to: In additional to compliance experience I have a C-suite level human resources background in a commercial setting, coupled with care industry knowledge.

Andrew Lister: Non Executive Director, Gentoo Group

Appointed due to: Gentoo is going through a period of transition with a new CEO and several new board members. The organisation needed a focus on transformation and based on my career profile within transformation roles and technology

Daniel Thiem: Trustee (Non Executive Director), RSPCA Assured

Appointed due to: In depth knowledge of the grocery retail landscape and supplier base. Extensive category, brand, commercial and strategy experience gained across more than 25 years in the food and drink industry. More than 10 years experience in the meat fish and poultry sector.

Justin Farrington Smith: Chairman, IDB (Bedford Group)

Appointed due to: The plan is for three organisations to be consolidated into one large organisation and as I have significant experience in these type of situations the board thought I was the best existing NED to fill the role.

Hilda Forsythe: Academic Board Member, Trident Engineering Institute

Appointed due to: The wisdom gained from crafting two scholarly engineering journals, and the practical finesse cultivated through my ownership of an esteemed engineering company, I became the linchpin in a symphony of knowledge, ensuring our graduates not only grasped fundamental principles but emerged as architects of innovation in the engineering realm.

Andrea Farace: Vice Chairman, INED

Appointed due to: They were looking to reconstitute the board and where looking specifically to recruit experienced INEDs with governance and finance expertise

Caroline Stockmann: External Member SONIA Oversight Committee, Bank of England

Appointed due to: Strong finance background, and strong experience of boards, but also other factors: Guildhall, I am also an alumna. I worked a lot in the area of risk-free rate replacement in my recent CEO role, and also I am passionate about diversity & inclusion which is important to the Bank.

Neil Ashworth: Chair, We Are Fulfilment

Appointed due to: Industry expertise, experience as a Chair and NED; previous experience of working with the Private Equity investor.

Dave Aldred: Vice Chair & Trustee, Talk The Talk

Appointed due to: TTT are an educational charity but my experience in a global financial institution and membership and engagement at senior committee level was very important. My risk and governance experience and skills were also important. Finally, having a clear view on the importance of setting a multi-year strategy plus a critical eye on digital transformation, competition and product development also important

Sandra Pepera: Global Board Chair, The White Ribbon Alliance

Appointed due to: WRA was looking for someone who would carry their values and ethos easily, and with senior experience in international development, women's rights and change management. They were open to a first time Board Chair and very unconcerned about where in the world that person lived.

Karim Akbar Khan: Chair Joint Negotiating Committee, Universities Superannuation Scheme

Appointed due to: I was headhunted for this role. After several interviews and fireside chats I was successful in being offered the position based on my public profile and track record of chairing highly complex public facing matters in a fair and authoritative manner between the parties.

Stephen Bellamy: Non Executive Director, Empresaria Group plc

Appointed due to: Extensive experience as a chair and non-executive director with a wide range of both public and private companies and of working with ambitious growth companies, as well as a strong focus on strategic planning and execution.

Baris Ozenoglu Karakullukcu: Independent Board Member, Arena

Appointed due to: more than 20 years technology background and solid business management experience in B2B & B2C industries.