Putting People on Boards

Operating in the UK for almost a decade Board Appointments helps people gain board appointments. It is all we do and we have helped thousands of people develop board careers or gain their first board role or first paid board appointment through the services we offer.

We are not a governance organisation nor a recruitment firm instead, our success stems from our Non-Executive Director Career Development and International Board Recruitment experience. As such, we know why and how people gain board positions and have developed a suite of bespoke and practical services designed entirely to get you a board role.

Specifically, Board Appointments UK does three things:

    1. We source and advertise the UK’s largest and most diverse list of Non-Executive, Committee and Advisory Board vacancies across the Commercial, Public and Not for Profit (charity) Sectors (our Access service).
    2. Having reviewed and assessed over 10,000 board CVs, reviewed thousands of board applications and taken briefs from hundreds and hundreds of decision-makers we know what documents work, which don’t and why. Using this expertise write and develop bespoke and compelling board CVs and board profiles that address the 5 things a Chair or decision-maker is looking for when appointing a new board member (our Access+ service).
    3. We provide practical support services to get you appointed. Utilising decades of board recruitment experience we have developed a training and support program that steps you through, in practical detail, the board appointment process. A process that remains the same, and works, regardless of your board aspirations. It has helped thousands of people gain board roles (our Executive service)

We will ensure you can ‘dare them not to appoint you’

Regardless of whether you are looking for your first board role, a subsequent and more significant appointment or you want to develop a portfolio of board appointments our practical services will:

        • Ensure you find and access board vacancies that others can’t;
        • Separate you from your many competitors;
        • Make sure you get a better return on the investment of your time by getting you appointed more often.