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Over 700 organisations advertising well over 2500 individual board vacancies each year.

An ACCESS membership gives you exclusive access to thousands of board vacancies we source for our members.

The Access Package

The ACCESS Package give you access to the UK’s largest and most diverse list of board opportunities across the Public, Commercial and Not for Profit sectors and your profile on our website. So, if you have the desire to get onto a board, to drive your career forward with a board appointment, to transition from full time work to a portfolio of part time board directorships or to develop a portfolio career then this membership will help.

This Membership IS for you if you:

√ Want to refine your already successful board search.

√ You need a board CV written for you or your LinkedIn Profile updated.

√ You want access to all the board vacancies we source for our members.

√ You want to market yourself as a Non Executive Director.

This Membership is NOT for you if you:

✗ Already have a Board CV.

✗ Are too busy to put our advice into action.

 Want need some training and support.

Access+: Here's What You Get

√ Board Vacancies: Immediate access to thousands of board vacancies.

√ NED Directory: Think of it as a LinkedIn for board members – a tool that organisations use to recruit board members

√ Weekly Board Appointment Advice: Emailed to you each week and providing the insider knowledge you need to stay focused and gain an appointment.

√ 15% Off all additional Board Appointment products and services

Not included in the ACCESS package:

X A bespoke board CV is written for you: By David Schwarz: Australia’s leading board appointment professional

X LinkedIn Profile Writing: Utilising your new Board CV as a basis we will craft or create a LinkedIn profile that evidences your ability to successfully reach your board aspirations

X Online Career Planning Session: A 90-minute workshop with David, where you will define your board aspirations and map out a personal plan to achieve them.

X Application Support: No matter how many boards you apply for we will critique and edit each and every one of them before submission

X The Board Appointment Training Course: A 12mth course covering the following topics such as:

  • How you find a board appointment;
  • What Chair’s look for in new board members – the five essential & other desirable criteria & training; 
  • What sort of board role is right for you: 
  • How to define your own board profile – addressing the five key areas; 
  • The value of proper research & how it can separate you from others; 
  • How board members are appointed; 
  • How to write a ‘board ready’ resume – one that works; How to write a Non Executive application & cover letter; 
  • Non Executive Interviews – What you are likely to be asked and how to respond and; 
  • Post a successful or unsuccessful application – what to do next.

X Board Search Resources: Exclusive access for Executive Members containing all the documents and application templates plus advice on how to get appointed.

Not Right for You?

If you would like access to the opportunities we advertise PLUS a Board CV written for you then the ACCESS(+) membership is what you need. Alternatively, if you really want to FAST TRACK a board appointment then you should consider the EXECUTIVE membershiop as it also includes the Board Search Course - the worlds ONLY 10 step Board Appointment Course. No matter which package you choose we look forward to having you on board.

About David Schwarz & Board Appointments

Board Appointments is a board advertising and non executive career development firm. It is led by David Schwarz - leading International board recruitment professional with more than a decade of international board and executive recruitment experience. No one knows more about how to gain a board appointment or develop a board career than David. In fact, not only has he written an internationally selling ‘Board Appointments’ Book that takes individuals through the individual steps required to find and gain a board directorship, he has personally written 1,500 Board CVs and has been recognised as a leading executive and board CV writer. David is also a Top 10 LinkedIn user with over 25,000 NED LinkedIn connections and has advised thousands of clients on how to develop a board career or gain their first board directorship. He has personally assisted hundreds of individual gain board appointments.


There are many things that you can not prepare for in life but gaining a board appointment is not one of them - we look forward to having you on board.

Terms & Conditions
Your Membership begins when we confirm your initial payment. We will automatically charge you a recurring fee of £249 annually until you cancel. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your membership anytime. Cancelling your membership stops the charge at the start of your next billing term—but your service will continue through the end of your current term.