How to Get Appointed

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talk to board recruiters

How to handle a call with a Board Recruiter

By Kim Braid | Feb 25, 2021

If a headhunter calls you, then congratulations – you are on their radar. This does not mean that the role is yours.

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Impress Board Headhunters

Why you should and how to impress a Board Headhunter

By David Schwarz | Feb 11, 2021

If you are pursuing significant board roles, you will be dealing with board headhunters more and more.

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Board Search Firms UK

How to effectively use Board Recruitment Firms

By David Schwarz | Feb 5, 2021

As an insider, this is the best advice I can get when dealing with Board recruiters or search firms in the UK.

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Taking the Direct Approach to gain a UK Board Appointment

By David Schwarz | Jan 27, 2021

The most likely way you will gain a Uk board appointment, that is by directly approaching an organisation.

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You can develop weak board ties using LinkedIn

By David Schwarz | Jan 21, 2021

To make the most of weak ties you must develop relationships with people you don’t know, LinkedIn is the perfect platform.

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update professional networks UK

Is your current network stale? The new year is a good time to review.

By David Schwarz | Jan 7, 2021

Your professional and personal contacts are valuable – learn how to nurture them.

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board appointment 2021

Use your isolation time to reset for a Board Appointment in 2021

By David Schwarz | Dec 23, 2020

With time on your hands and a new year ahead, now is the time to reset your plan to gain a board appointment.

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keys to personal connections

The 4 keys you should use to open up personal connections

By David Schwarz | Dec 20, 2020

When it comes to board appointments, it is not what you know but who you know that counts.

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Can old-school ties get you a board appointment?

By David Schwarz | Dec 11, 2020

Approximately 20% of board appointments occur via those who you have a strong connection with – your strong ties.

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