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The framework for writing your Board CV

By David Schwarz | May 13, 2021

A board CV should be very different from your executive CV. A good one can save you from the cull.

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board cv guide UK

Do Board CVs really work? They certainly do!

By David Schwarz | May 7, 2021

A board cv is different from an executive cv, let’s focus on creating one.

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Board Application Processing

How are Board Applications Accessed in the UK?

By David Schwarz | Apr 23, 2021

Why was one person selected for an interview and not another? This article will clear this up.

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how to write board support statement

How to write a statement to support your Board Application

By David Schwarz | Apr 14, 2021

It is critical to get right. Step through the process of writing a statement to support your Board Application.

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Board Application Supporting Statement UK

Your Board Application should always include a Supporting Statement

By David Schwarz | Apr 1, 2021

A supporting statement is a document that addresses a list of key or essential criteria. Jump through hoops to address them.

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Board Cover Letter UK

How to write an impressive Board Cover Letter

By David Schwarz | Mar 24, 2021

The board cover letter should be the most crucial document you right. It is often the first hurdle to making a shortlist.

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Advertised Board Vacancies UK

How you should respond to an Advertised UK Board Vacancy

By David Schwarz | Mar 12, 2021

Of all of the ways you may get appointed, via an advertised Board Vacancy is the most competitive.

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Finding Board Vacancies in the UK

How to find Advertised Board Vacancies in the UK

By David Schwarz | Mar 5, 2021

The question is not are there opportunities available but rather where do you find them and how do you get appointed.

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talk to board recruiters

How to handle a call with a Board Recruiter

By David Schwarz | Feb 25, 2021

If a headhunter calls you, then congratulations – you are on their radar. This does not mean that the role is yours.

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