How to Get Appointed

With 15 years of Board Appointment experience - we know how and why people get appointed!

Transition executive to NED

Is the Transition from Executive to Non-Executive Director really that difficult?

By David Schwarz | Jul 10, 2020

Don’t wait until retirement to get the experience you need to make that transition.

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15 Years Board Experience

15 Years of Board Recruitment Experience Taught Me This

By David Schwarz | Jun 4, 2020

In the last 15 years, three things have become clear and should frame your thinking about how you might gain your first, or a subsequent, board appointment

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Board Director Remuneration

How much do UK Non Executive Directors get paid?

By David Schwarz | May 26, 2020

Whilst people pursue board appointments for a wide range of reasons it is useful to know how much you might get paid.

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UK Commercial Boards

Do These 5 Things to Gain a Commercial Board Appointment

By David Schwarz | May 19, 2020

The 5 commandments to expedite a board appointment

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Government Boards

Have you Considered a Role on a Government Board?

By David Schwarz | Apr 30, 2020

Public bodies across the UK deliver important essential services and offer a wide array of roles.

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no board experience

With no board experience – who will appoint you? What roles should you pursue?

By David Schwarz | Apr 16, 2020

You need to be clear on what sort of board you would like to sit on and know what value you offer.

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executive skills on boards

Where to begin with no board experience: Leveraging your executive experience

By David Schwarz | Mar 26, 2020

You need to identify your executive skills that are valuable at board level and be able to articulate it.

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How to write a Board Profile that Dares them not to Appoint You

By David Schwarz | Feb 21, 2020

Beyond being able to specifically define your board aspirations and the organisations you want and can be appointed to (your first step) you must be able to articulate your offering to those target organisations and organisations just like them if you want a board appointment. Whilst this may seem obvious it is one of the … Continued

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Three Desirable Criteria for a Board Candidate

By David Schwarz | Feb 21, 2020

In my previous article, I spoke about the five core criteria that Chairs look for in the ‘perfect’ board candidate. They were 1. Prior governance experience – having sat on or worked with boards before 2. An executive skill set that is valuable at board level. 3. Networks and relationships that can be utilised by … Continued

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