How to Get Appointed

With 15 years of Board Appointment experience - we know how and why people get appointed!

Branding Yourself as a Non-Executive Director

By David Schwarz | Feb 20, 2020

When it comes to gaining a seat on a board, your ‘brand’ can make the difference between being considered appointable or not. Further, having a brand that does not suggest you are a Non-Executive or desire to be appointed to a board can prevent opportunities even presenting themselves to you. As such, getting your brand … Continued

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Your Board Profile

By David Schwarz | Feb 20, 2020

Before you begin your board search it is important to develop your unique board profile This will become your ‘board business card’. After stripping away the contextual issues, in my experience, there are essentially five criteria that need to be addressed when writing a board profile. They are: Past board or committee experience It is important to be … Continued

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Is your network stale rather than shallow?

By David Schwarz | Feb 20, 2020

Often I find that my clients, faced with the reality of a board search, realise very quickly that their contact network is ‘stale’ and rather shallow. It is much easier to maintain and nourish your network on an ongoing basis rather than play catch-up when you find yourself in need of help from others. Your network … Continued

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How long to get a board role

How Long will it Realistically take to get a Board Appointment?

By David Schwarz | Nov 21, 2019

‘How long will it take?’ is the wrong question to ask. There are three more appropriate questions you should consider.

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15 Years Board Experience

15 Years of Board Recruitment Experience Taught Me This

By David Schwarz | Sep 21, 2019

In the last 15 years, three things have become clear and should frame your thinking about how you might gain your first, or a subsequent, board appointment

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The Perfect Board Candidate

What Does it Take to be the Perfect Board Candidate?

By Kim Braid | Jun 9, 2017

There are literally thousands of boards operating in a countless number of industries across Australia and each one operates within its own context and has various peculiarities unique to them. As such, it often seems difficult to decipher exactly what they might value in a new board member. This confusion is often compounded by a board’s desire … Continued

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NED Board Table

Do You Really Want a Board Directorship?

By Kim Braid | May 16, 2017

If you are considering becoming a Non-Executive Director, it is of vital importance that you understand the risks associated with holding board directorships. You probably would not be reading this if you had not already decided, in your mind, that the rewards of a board directorship outweigh the risks. However, that does not necessarily mean … Continued

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