LinkedIn Profile Writing: Personally updating your LinkedIn profile to attract board opportunities


As a Top LinkedIn user with over 25,000 LinkedIn connections and having written hundreds of Board CVs, there are few more qualified to update/write your new LinkedIn Profile.

In a competitive board appointment process if your LinkedIn profile does not reflect your Board CV that incongruence may just be enough for someone else to be appointed to the board that you want.

If you did not know already, LinkedIn is a thinly veiled recruitment tool and is heavily used by organisations and individuals looking for, or connecting with, Non-Executive Directors. Increasingly it is being used as a due diligence resource to research prospective board members, in order to gauge their (board) career aspirations and intent and to confirm the content of their board CV.

Further, we strongly recommend using LinkedIn to generate the kinds of relationships that lead to board appointments. However, to do this you must have a robust profile that accurately reflects your experience (and most importantly your success) and fully demonstrates what you can offer a board.

We will not make any changes to your profile without your explicit approval. Instead, upon receipt, we will contact you to explain the timings and process going forward.

We recommend using this service in conjunction with the Board Ready CV service we provide. If you do not already have a Board Ready CV, consider purchasing the Board CV & LinkedIn Profile Package.