1:1 Board Career Planning Session – 2 hours


During this 2-hour private session, we will work together to establish your board potential and pitch.

During this 2-hour Board Career Planning Session, you will work 1:1 with David Schwarz to establish your board potential and goals, identify target organisations that match your board skills and experience, and then review your Board CV and Pitch.

David Schwarz is the CEO of Board Appointments (UK). He knows how people and why people get appointed to UK Boards and is a leading Non-Executive Director Career Coach who leverages over two decades of international board and executive recruitment experience to help people find and gain board appointments.

Your 2-hour Board Career Planning Session is unique and tailored to you but, will typically have four distinct elements:

    • A review your current Board CV.
    • Creating and articulating your board pitch – defining what your value and contribution is at board level and why you are suitable for a board appointment.
    • Defining what your board aspirations should be.
    • Guide you in identify ing possible company/organisation targets so you can create a list of ‘target’s that are both achievable and desirable.

(Please note that these sessions will be held early morning or late afternoon online via Google Meet.)