1:1 NED Appointment Coaching Sessions x 4


Unlock the 80% of board vacancies filled annually via personal connections.

Work privately with David Schwarz. During our four private NED Coaching sessions, we will work through the tools and resources you need to get appointed to the 80%+ of board roles filled annually via personal connections.

Regardless of your skills, level of board experience, and board aspirations, developing these weak tie connections is vital to unlocking NED appointments. Developing these new relationships is surprisingly easy, and connecting with them is even easier… if you know who they are, where to find them, and who to connect with them—things that people do not have the confidence to do or leave many people stumped as to how to do it. 

Via 4 x 1:1 bespoke and private sessions over just 40 days, David will guide you through a three-step process designed to unlock board roles that will never be advertised by stepping you through the three pillars of a board appointment:

    • Aspiration (Target – defining a list of organisations that you can and want to be appointed to)
    • Articulation (Pitch – a compelling verbal and written reason for your board appointment)
    • Application (Connect – a bespoke list of ‘weak tie’ NEDs that will unlock ‘hidden’ board vacancies)

How it works and who will benefit

Session 1: A bespoke NED CV written for you, followed by a 1:1  CV session to finalise the document.

Session 2: A 2 hrs NED Career Planning Session—defining a compelling pitch and developing a list of 12 x target organisations that you both want to and can be appointed to.

Session 3: You will receive a bespoke list of ~250 NED connections (and their contact details) derived from your list of target companies, along with a clear plan, templates, and guidance for authentically and legitimately connecting with them. A process that will unlock board opportunities that others simply won’t find and in turn drive your board appointment

Session 4: A final accountability review to check your progress and guide your continued success. 

These intensive sessions are not right for everyone. They are only for those who know that what they are currently doing isn’t working, know they need to do things differently and need some accountability to get stuff done.

What every your motivations, these sessions will result in you: finding roles that you otherwise would not, finding roles better suited to your skills and experience, separating you from your competitors, getting you appointed more often and, getting you a greater return on your valuable time.

(Please note that these sessions will be held early morning or late afternoon via Google Meet.)