Board Application Writing: A bespoke board cover letter & supporting statement written for you.


If you already have a board CV, then this is the product for you. We will customise and craft the remaining documents required for your board application. Including Supporting Statements & Cover Letter.

Board applications should differ from executive applications in tone, content, and style. Not having bespoke documents that meet the criteria set out, an appropriate cover letter, or a board CV will all impact drastically limit your chances of being selected for an interview or appointed.

David Schwarz has over a decade of experience putting people on boards as an ex-board recruiter. He has written 1,800 board CVs conservatively in his time and reviewed thousands. Working closely with you, he will personally write your board application according to the specifications required by the advertising organisation.

Typically, this service will include:

    • 1:1 conversations with David to understand your drivers and successes. This will be via an online call or Google Meet session.
    • A bespoke board cover letter written for you.
    • A bespoke supporting statement addressing the core criteria written for you.

However, David won’t leave you there. He will further critique and amend the application until you are content that it accurately reflects the message you would like to portray. Don’t let a poor application that doesn’t address the five key criteria that all Chairs and Recruiters look for negatively impact your application.